nuts, dried fruit and seeds

About us

Ltd „Tiekėjų gildija“


Brief history:

  • Founded in 1993 by the name of Ltd “Gykio firma”.
  • Started by importing food from Western Europe countries into Lithuanian market: primarily beer, water, potato chips, canned nuts and chocolate.
  • Transformed into Ltd “Tiekėjų gildija” in 1999, specialising into nuts and dried fruit.



  • Importing products from all over the world: East Asia, Middle East, North and South America, South Africa, Western and Eastern Europe. Total of 50 countries.
  • Exporting to 11 countries: mostly to Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Baltic States, Norway and western Europe.
  • Established nut and dried fruit packaging systems with capacity of 14,000 - 25,000 packages per shift.
  • Established nut roasting system with capacity of 2.2 – 5 tons per shift.
  • Holds approximately 20% of Lithuanian market.
  • Yearly income of year 2014 – 15.3 mln. euro. 40% of which comes from export to Belarus, 10% to Russia, 35% from wholesale in Lithuania.
  • Retail branch „Gėrybių ragas“ currently owns 10 shops in Lithuania, with a yearly income of 800,000 euro. Shops are specialising in higher quality, more expensive exotic nuts and dried fruit with their own niche of customers, therefore, not feeling the pressure of supermarkets.
  • Currently in progress of establishing ISO9001 and ISO22000 standards.